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 Speedy motocross

You press Play. Then you must to choose place for cross-country race and the character with whom you will play. Inhabitants of Bikini Bottom got new cool type of races. Everyone wishes to show how dexterously operates the motorbike and to test route. This distance is complicate with difficult descents and liftings. Motorbike will jump and fly sometimes. So the main is to keep balance and take good control over the center of gravity.

The purpose of each racer is to finish the route successfully with the maximum points. Points are charged on 2 indicators depends from the quantity of collected hamburgers on the way and the time of passing of the route. If you pass the route before 60 bonus seconds without accidents you get bonus for time. If motorbiker will fall down the game will over and the race begins anew.

You are moving the motorbike by pressing buttons with arrows: "up" - for acceleration, "down" - for braking, "to the left" and "to the right" - for keeping balance by leaning motorbike backward and forward. You can see the collected hamburgers and remained time of race above on the screen.

 SpongeBob on truck

You press START. Sponge Bob got very responsible task, he needs to deliver burgers on truck. The way is dangerous because plenty of enemies want to prevent him to overcome successfully the distance. All way literally teems with plankton! They specially blocked a way to the truck of Sponge bob to steal burgers. But Sponge Bob has magic power to destroy plankton.

You must to move fast but accurate and have to watch that truck didn't turn over with crushing and don't damaged by the Plankton. Need to catch as more jellyfishes and burgers on the way and neutralize plankton. Sponge Bob must take Patrick on the way too.

You use arrows keys for management of truck with Sponge Bob: "up" to accelerate and move forward, "down" - to reverse, "to the left" and "to the right" - to keep balance by leaning to the roar or to the front wheels. You press a key with letter "X" to catch jellyfishes by throw net. You press SPACEBAR to use magic power against plankton

 Atlantic express

You press Play, then Start Game. Sponge Bob with friends got big bus and they move now on underwater way to reach Atlantic coast. This bus is very unusual. There are songs on the road. The music notes on the green paper will fuel the engine of bus. But the music notes on red paper are false. False songs confuse fuel. You can see the quantity of fuel on the green line above bus placed in the center of the map.

The bus must to move having avoid red paper and triggers - stones, a grass, jellyfishes. If bus will touch with obstacles you can see mini-game that will open in center. Bus will be able to move further having finished quickly the game and get points. Need collect gold coins on the way also for earning more points.

You are playing by pressing the buttons with arrows to steer the bus in corresponding side: down, up, to the right, to the left. You are using the mouse to interact in mini-game in center of map.

 Escape from avalanche

You press PLAY. Sponge Bob and his friends went on winter vacation to mountains to go skiing. Artful Plankton decided to follow them and, of course, he wants to spoil surely the pleasure of Sponge Bob. Plankton created powerful device that can organize the descent of huge avalanches. The huge mass of snow will fall from the mountain crumpling all on the way and cover all. So Sponge Bob with friends already never could get out from there.

Sponge Bob wants to escape from an avalanche by ski. He must to rescue inhabitants, fastening them behind him on the way. All they must to go down on the mountain. You have task to collect the certain quantity of inhabitants on each level. You must quick to go down and to jump from springboards because you have limited time to pass level. Sponge has only five lives therefore try not to crash anywhere. You can watch time and quantity of lives on panel placed above.

You are moving Sponge Bob downhill by using keys with arrow: "to the right" - to go quicker, "to the left" - to slow down movement, "up" and "down" - to be displaced to the sides on the mountain.

 Trip on jeep

You press Play and go to trip with Sponge Bob. Sponge Bob got a big jeep to travel. The road has plenty of chasms but there are not any bridges on the way. You must to build bridges in front of jeep and Sponge Bob will successfully move further. Your task is to overcome as more longer way as possible.

You need to act quickly. The jeep with Sponge Bob moves fast you need to mark the sides of bridges for connecting them by building the bridge. If you aren't in time to erect the bridge jeep with Sponge Bob will fall down and game over. You can see at the upper right the passable distance.

You are using the mouse to interact. You are pressing the left button on the end of walls and clicking to make orange mark. Bring the cursor to an edge of steep; there will be an orange button.

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